Tirrinia Bamboo Christmas Tree Wine Rack


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The Tirrinia countertop wine rack has a cute and fun Christmas-shaped look and is a great way to display your precious wine in addition to everyday storage. Give your bar, dining table, and shelves an extra touch of decoration and save a lot of space. With its lovely Christmas tree appearance and thick natural bamboo material, this table wine rack is perfect as a gift; perfect as present for parents, loved ones and friends at Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings and weddings.

Our products are made of natural bamboo material, which has the unique wooden touch of bamboo. Strong, durable and environmentally friendly, it is a boon for environmental lovers. The thickness of the board is 0.5 inches, which can withstand the weight of 6 bottles of wine and prevent the wine from shaking and falling.

The unique design of the tilted and small bottle opening. The tilted angle of the bottle allows the wine to fully come into contact with the cork, avoiding the deterioration of the wine caused by contact with air and making the wine last longer. The small spout allows the wine to be stuck firmly in the wooden wine rack without falling off.

Material: Bamboo
Dimensions: 13.2 x 7.3 Γ— 14.7