Take the energy with you

Light up your world with the new Tirrinia backpack! The backpack is filled with orange that will make your heart beat faster. Let the orange sunshine of summer combine with an orange corduroy backpack to embrace a life full of joy and positivity.

Start Your Wine Life

Are you looking for a convenient and elegant way to open your wine bottles? Whether you are a casual drinker or a wine connoisseur, you will love our selection of wine openers. They come with kinds of accessories to make your wine experience more enjoyable. Find the perfect wine opener for yourself at Tirrinia or as a gift for someone special.

Our Mission

We are a California-based producer of wine bags and blankets that was established by two wine lovers who also enjoy taking family vacations. When individuals taste wine at home or on a wine excursion, our fashionable and portable wine bags help them appear more sophisticated.

Best Gifts for Family

For birthdays, for Christmas, no matter what the event, no one will refuse a portable and fashion gift.

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