Lunchtime doesn’t have to be boring with these insulated lunch bags!


Students, outdoor enthusiasts, sportspeople, and working professionals have one thing in common. Guess what?

They all have to carry lunch with them! Although, many people are still packing their food in an obsolete and crumbling brown paper bag.


Do you know?

As per the U.S Department of Agriculture, the food becomes unsafe to consume if it is kept in brown paper for more than 2 hours.

However, insulated lunch bags can be your safe option as they help keep the food at an ideal temperature until lunchtime. So, if you are still relying on the conventional lunch boxes or brown paper bags or take your lunch in the tote, it’s time to upgrade!

Back to work options must not be boring and uncomfortable for you!

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Food Cold/Hot?

Diseases can rapidly spread at temperatures ranging between 40 - 140°F in food.  It indicates that if you leave in the morning for work, you will surely need to keep your lunch as cool as possible. Perishable food options like yogurt and cold-cut sandwiches can stay edible at room temperature for only 2 hours. After that, they also become unsafe to consume until lunchtime.

Furthermore, if you want to keep your food hot until lunchtime, lunch bags can also rescue you here! Just pack your food in the lunch box and seal it tight. Put the container in the insulated lunch bag. Ta-Da, your food is all set to stay hot and fresh!

What to Look for In a Lunch Bag?

Before investing in your insulated lunch bag, here are a few of the factors that you must consider:

  • Insulation

This feature is important if you want to make sure your meal remains hot until lunchtime. Insulated lunch bags can help when there are no microwaves or ovens to warm up the food. Lunch bags that are insulated ensure that your food remains safe and warm for a longer period of time.

  • Leak-Proof and Water Proof

Your lunch bag must be waterproof to cope with the bad weather days. That’s why you need to get a lunch bag with a waterproof exterior, so the water doesn’t have to fall on you or seep into your lunch as well.

  • Simple Cleaning

The best lunch bags are those that are easier to clean. Select a bag that is made of good fabric and can be easily washed using water and soap. If you are thinking about where to buy quality lunch bags, you can checkout Tirrinia as we have a variety of lunch bags according to different preferences.

  • Durability

People who are always on the go, need sturdy and durable lunch bags to save their lunches against bumps and falls. That’s why you need to find durable lunch bags with soft reinforced stitching and a hard shell interior. That’s how you can save your lunch in bumpy and falling situations.

After reading the above features, you must know what to look for in your lunch bag. Simply, your lunch bag should be efficient enough to keep that smelly cheese away from your cookie.

Is picking the right lunch bag seems to be a powder keg? No worries!

We will mention the stylish yet useful lunch bags in this blog post. So you can look cooler, and they will keep your lunch even cooler/hotter when you get back to your work!

Best Insulated Lunch Bags for Back to Work

  1. Tirrinia Dual Compartment Lunch Bag


Want a lunch bag that you can take literally anywhere? That’s why first on the list is this double compartment insulated lunch bag that helps you arrange and layer your foods/drinks according to their weight and size. The best part is that you can put the fruits, cookies, and other small items in the bag’s top compartment. Although, the bottom part is for the bigger items like lunch boxes, drinks, and sandwiches. Besides that, this lunch bag includes a back mesh pocket and 2 external pockets. These compartments are convenient for storing condiments, napkins, or frequently needed items.


  • Leakproof: Nothing is worse than broth/soups or any kind of liquidspilling out of your bag and making a mess on the table like the uninvited guests. Tirrinia lunch bags have a heat-welded interior, making them easy to clean and leak-proof.
  • Durable: This lunch bag is made with PU  (Polyurethane) material insulation, 5mm PE foam padding, and 600D sturdy oxford cloths. PU leather keeps the food warm or cold for 6-7 hours.
  • Multi-Use: This lunch bag has flexible shoulder straps, and powerful grab handles help you carry it outdoors and to the office as it’s easy to carry.
  • Colors: It’s available in 7 different colors.
  1. Tirrinia Small Thermal Lunch Bag

Ready to go back to work, school and want something compact yet sturdy? Then this bag is ideal for you! Easily store your lunch, beverages, and snacks in this cooler, AKA lunch bag. 

Moreover, the spill-resistant surface saves the lunch bag from liquid or rainwater. You can easily wipe it with a towel and tissues. Also, the lunch bag has 4.5 L interior space which can hold 1 pc of the food container, 9 cans of soda, and 3 bottles of water.


  • Multi Pockets: This lunch bag has 1 side and 1 inner mesh pocket and 1 outer pocket ideal for storing small food items.
  • Removable Buckle Handle: This Tirrinia bag has a powerful grip handle with a dischargeable handle. Attach it with the backpack strap, gym bag, or briefcase, making it easy to carry.
  • Padded and Insulated: It is made with the 600D polyester crashworthy and insulated leak-proof PEAV layer and cushion. This feature keeps the food at continuous temperatures for hours.
  • Colors: This bag is available in 7 different colors.
  1. Tirrinia Classy Leather Lunch Bag for Women


Are you a working woman, mother, or fashionista looking for a stylish yet sturdy and compact lunch box? If yes, we’ve got you!

This Tirrinia lunch bag, a retro classic polka design, will give you a nifty look.  Combo of black polka dots and pink background make it look stylish and cute. This bag doesn’t look like a lunch bag if you don’t tell anyone. Moreover, this fashionable premium also works as a vanity as it is perfect for storing your accessories and makeup. Your go-to lunch bag that matches all your outfits while perfectly doing the job!


  • Versatility: This fashionable lunch baghas a PE foam interlayer and aluminum foil lining to keep food fresh and hot/cold for hours. Take it at work or your girls’ day out!
  • Leather Handle:This bag’s handle is made of good tactile leather, various stitches, and rubber filling.
  • Wide-RangingDesign: Durable and strong zipper allows the wide opening of the lunch bag. This feature lets you easily put and take out your food from the bag.
  • Rubber Bone Support: This bag structure is rubber-filledto keep the bag stiff and not distorted for the longest time.
  1. Tirrinia Large Insulated & Leak-proof Lunch Bag


Is it time to go back to work or school? And you want something that will equip you with your favorite foods and drinks all day long? If you’ve nodded yes, this bag is for you! Store your lunch, beverages, and snacks (cool or hot) in this large insulated lunch bag.

This bag material is elaborately made with the sturdy and durable 600D polyester, PU waterproof and leak-proof layer, and insulation cushion to keep your drinks and other food items warm/cold for longer.


  • Portable Design: Like other Tirrinia lunch bags, this bag also facilitates you to keep the bag out for the gym or office regardless of the big size. This bag has 2 front pockets, 4 pockets, and 2 side mesh with a double zipper.
  • Insulated and Leak-Proof: This bag is made out of PU insulation material, and the 600D durable oxford cloth keepsthe food hot/cold for 6-7 hours. At the same time, the heat welded technology makes the bag leak and waterproof.
  • Multi-Purpose: You can also use this lunch bag as a cooler bag for camping, beach, traveling, and picnic.
  • Colors: Available in 6 colors
  1. Tirrinia Medium Reusable Lunch Bag


Are you someone who is a middle child? Or maybe you like to keep things balanced in your life? Jokes apart!

This Tirrinia Lunch bag is perfect for those who don’t want to carry too large or too small lunch bags in their routine. Further, this insulated lunch bag is made with the 600D durable oxford cloth, PU insulation material, and PE foam padding that keeps the food cold/warm for hours.


  • Compact Design: This portable bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that facilitates you to take this bag easily anywhere like office/gym/park. You can keep small things in a double zipper design in the two side mesh and in the front pocket.
  • Medium Storage: Themedium capacity is enough to store 15 cans of sodas and all the things you need for lunch.
  • Flexibility: This can also be used as an insulated cooler for camping, travel, and picnic.

Wrapping Up

Lunch bags are a great option to carry your drinks/foods anywhere easily and gracefully. They are a stylish, compact, and much better option than food storage boxes and lunch boxes. However, while packing any of Tirrinia lunch bags, you can also keep hand wipes to clean your hands before eating in case there is no facility nearby. Also, you can simply clean these bags with hot soapy water after returning home and making your bag ready for the next day.

For more such amazing products, checkout, Tirrinia!

November 18, 2021