After nearly two years of being cooped up in our homes because of the pandemic, how wonderful it is to finally be able to enjoy the outdoors once again without fearing for our health! And what better way to do so than by going out on a celebratory picnic with friends and family. Picnic season for 2023 is just about to start, and you have more than enough time to start making preparations for the most fun and memorable picnic ever.


Best Picnic Themes for 2023

There is nothing wrong with simply packing a picnic basket with food and drinks and enjoying a meal out in the park, the beach, or any outdoor location. Indeed, any kind of picnic would be a welcome change. But why not go all out and plan for a themed picnic event? There are countless themes that you can use, but here are some exciting ideas to inspire you.

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Activity-Based Picnic Themes

A picnic that revolves around some kind of activity would be a great idea for outdoor enthusiasts. Volleyball or softball fanatics will certainly be interested in a picnic immediately after a game in the park, the same way that beach lovers and surfing aficionados would have a huge appetite after spending some time in the waters.


Back to School Theme

There is something about picnics that brings an adult back in touch with their own childhood years. A back to school theme would be the perfect way to tap into this, and it would be a trip down memory lane that adults would definitely enjoy. Don’t forget to bring a few glasses of wine so that you can all raise a glass to your school days as you recount memorable moments from these most eventful years of your youth.


Carnival Theme

Carnivals and other festive outdoor venues had been shut down for the duration of the pandemic. To celebrate our return to a normal world, you can set up your own carnival-themed celebration in the community park, or even in your own backyard. Put up a lot of colorful and cheerful decorations and create an authentic carnival ambiance that will put all your friends in a celebratory mood.


90’s or 00’s Themes

Depending on the age group of the picnic participants, a 90’s or 00’s theme would be an ideal choice. Encourage your friends to come in their best 90’s outfits and hairstyles, while you set up the appropriate decorations. Remember to set the mood accordingly by playing some of the most popular music of your chosen decade, like alternative rock and grunge from the 1990s, and EDM and J-pop in the 2000s.


Music Festival Theme

For the true music lover, going to an authentic music festival picnic is a must. At the height of the pandemic, concerts and music festivals were confined to online setups but now, these events are once again being held in various venues in the real world. In these music festival picnics, you will not only be able to revel in amazing music from your favorite genres, but you can also enjoy a feast of delectable food!


Of course, if you can’t find a music festival picnic in your area, you can always host one for your friends! Head to the park or the beach and bring your food and music to enjoy, you can take inspiration from Coachella as well as a couple of bottles of wine to complete your merry-making. Make sure to keep your wine safely contained in protective Tirrinia single portable wine tote bag to keep them chilled and protected during travel.

 Tirrinia Single Bottle Wine Bag

What Are the Best Places for a Post-Pandemic Picnic?

As for deciding where to hold your post-pandemic picnic, there are a myriad of available options. The park is a classic choice. With an expanse of grass and plenty of large trees, it won’t be hard to find a nice shady spot for your picnic.


If you are looking for a little more adventure and don’t mind a bit of travel, you can head to the beach or a national forest, where you will be able to enjoy nature in its true glory. Some of these venues might require a bit of hiking or trekking before you reach the picnic grounds, so you should be prepared beforehand.


However, you don’t really need to travel too far if you just want to enjoy a meal outdoors. Your backyard, if it is large enough, can be an excellent venue for a delightful picnic for your family or friends. It is actually a lot more practical in terms of setting up because you just need to bring everything out the backdoor and you’re right there!

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Prepare the New Trendy Picnic Essentials

Picnics have come a long way from the time when all you needed was a picnic basket and a blanket. While these basics are still enough for a simple picnic, there is a long list of essentials if you want a grander outdoor feast. Here are the items that you should prepare.


Picnic Blanket

No picnic would be complete without a spacious and comfortable picnic blanket to sit on. In choosing a blanket, look for a waterproof lining, which is great for repelling moisture from the grass. This Sherpa-lined waterproof picnic blanket from Tirrinia is an excellent choice, and it also comes in five stylish color combinations that you can choose from.


Tirrinia Picnic Blanket

Picnic Basket

A traditional picnic basket is definitely charming and nostalgic to use. However, they can be difficult to carry around in some cases and for this, the chic and modern Tirrinia picnic tote bag would be a magnificent alternative. At first glance, you wouldn’t even suspect them to be picnic bags but they certainly have the capacity for containing all your picnic essentials.

Tirrinia tote bag

Picnic Wine Table

A must-have for luxurious outdoor dining, a foldable picnic wine table should always be in your car, ready for your next picnic adventure. A great table would be spacious enough for a meal, but compact and lightweight when folded, perfect for taking anywhere. This portable wine picnic table from Tirrinia creatively holds up to four wine glasses while also having enough space to hold your delicious picnic food.

 Tirrinia wine picnic table

Eco-Friendly Utensils

Gone are the days when plastic spoons and forks are part of every picnic ensemble. These days, we are taking better care of the environment by using only biodegradable utensils. If there are only a few people partaking in the outdoor feast, you can also bring silverware, which is better for eating anyway.

 Eco-Friendly Utensils

Relaxing Music

Set the mood with your own carefully chosen playlist. Make sure you have a fully charged Bluetooth speaker so everyone can enjoy the tunes while wining and dining al fresco. Whether you prefer jazzy tunes, acoustic country songs, or classical instrumentals, good music will definitely keep everyone in a light and enjoyable mood during the picnic.

 Relaxing Music


In addition to the food, drinks and other picnic essentials, there are also a few other important personal items that you should bring when going on a picnic, like extra clothing if the weather is going to be cold. Jackets, mittens, scarves or even blankets would be good to bring in this case. Also, keep a bottle of sunscreen and wear a large hat for UV protection, and some bug spray as well just in case.

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What to Do after the Picnic

All good things do come to an end, and so is the case with picnics. Before you go home, though, be sure to do your part and clean up all your trash. Pack them in a bag and dispose of them properly. Leaving garbage strewn across the ground is a no-no for the environment, and it can even create hazards for animals in the area.


If you had hosted the picnic, it would be a nice gesture to give your guests a token that matches the picnic theme. It could be something they could use for the next picnic, like a blanket, a wine tote bag, wine openers, picnic accessories and so on.


Finally, don’t forget to take a photo with all participants of the picnic as a souvenir of this memorable event! Send a copy to everyone in the group so that they will have a memento that they can keep for themselves and also for sharing on social media.

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If you haven’t gone out on a picnic yet this 2023, it’s about time that you start planning one. There is absolutely nothing that compares to going on a picnic. Listen to the trickle of running water in the streams and the chirping of birds in the trees. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the cool breeze in your hair. And in the midst of appreciating the beauty of nature, share a sumptuous feast with your loved ones and take a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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Before you go on your picnic, make sure that you are adequately prepared. Head over to the Tirrinia online store and browse their high quality picnic essentials. Complete your checklist to be sure that you and your friends will have a marvelous time during your picnic!

May 11, 2023