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Pressure Pump Opener Set , Gray


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We wanted to create a brand to fulfill your everyday lifestyle needs. Our carefully chosen fabrics and materials represent our dedication to create the highest quality merchandise and accessories for everyday living.

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Here are some tips for you to remove the corks more easily.

First, try your best to press the handle down to the bottom every time

Secondly, when half of the cork is pumped out of the bottle, hold the transparent cover and pull it up and the cork will be removed easily.

If you still can’t opner the bottle, you can contact us at sales5.fly@hotmail.com to ask for help, we’ll send you a replacement asap. Features:
•4-piece wine set includes foil cutter, wine pourer and air pump style cork remover.
•The wine pourer significantly slows down you wine's oxidation process and keeps the wine fresh for at least 7-10 days.
•All of our packaging is at premium level for those of you who like sending out presentable gifts.
•To use the wine stopper, insert it deeply into the bottle opening.
•Afterwards, pull push on the lever to extract air from inside until you feel slight resistance. Push the lever back into place to complete the preservation and you are done.

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