Tirrinia Fleece Wearable Travel Blanket with Foot Pockets


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When you lie on the sofa and watch TV, this is the most comfortable moment of your day, but the cold air or air conditioning makes you shiver. Fortunately, you are covered with Tirrinia Wearable Blanket, this soft touch makes you close your eyes and enjoy, and it is like a warm embrace.
You can’t do without the blanket, and you have to take it when you go out. At this time the newly designed zipper pocket can not only store your belongings properly, but also transform into a portable pillow, making the blanket your personal butler.
Tirrinia wearable blanket is designed to cover your front body and keep warm from head to toe. This Fleece Wearable Blanket is all you need to create a feeling of comfort and warmth wherever you are.
With the new design of magnetic button at the back and foot pocket, we bring you the best fit wearable blanket that you can walk around with cozy, and it won’t slip off. That means you can stay just as warm while taking care of important tasks.
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